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Expert Industrial Motors, Pumps, and Gearboxes Services

Corby Mechanical Services are your local trusted partner for industrial equipment sales, maintenance, and solutions

As a long-standing provider of essential industrial components, we are dedicated to ensuring that Corby and the surrounding areas have access to the equipment they need to power their operations. At CMS, we don’t just offer products – we offer a complete service, specializing in motors, pumps, and gearboxes.

Your Reliable Partner for Industrial Equipment

Repair or Replacement?

When it comes to motors, pumps, and gearboxes, CMS stands as your premier destination. Whether you’re looking to acquire new equipment or need steadfast maintenance and repair services, we stand ready to meet your requirements.

Extensive Product Range

CMS maintains an extensive inventory of industrial equipment available for immediate delivery. Our selection spans a wide range of motors, pumps, and gearboxes. Need a specific item? We excel at sourcing non-standard products with same-day delivery options.

Installation and Commissioning

Our team of skilled engineers is dedicated to ensuring your equipment is seamlessly integrated. We offer expert installation, precise commissioning, and thorough testing, guaranteeing that your chosen equipment performs optimally and aligns with your operational needs.

Maintenance and Repair

Already in possession of the equipment you require? Rely on CMS for top-tier maintenance, repair, refurbishment, and rewinding services. Our expertise extends across various brands and types, ensuring your equipment remains in peak condition.

Design and Consulting

Beyond sales and maintenance, CMS provides comprehensive design and consulting services. From electric motors and gearboxes to pumps, fluid control systems, bearings, and power transmission, we offer innovative solutions and dependable consultation.

Diverse Expertise in Industrial Motors

CMS boasts a wealth of experience deploying motors across a diverse spectrum of applications. Our expertise encompasses:

  • 3-phase, 2 to 8 Pole, Two-Speed Motors: We cater to a wide range of motor specifications, ensuring compatibility with your unique requirements.
  • Hazardous Area Motors (Explosion-Proof): With safety as a priority, we offer motors designed for operation in hazardous environments, providing reliable performance without compromise.
  • Atex-Certified Motors: Our Atex-certified motors are built to meet the stringent requirements of hazardous areas, ensuring compliance and operational integrity.
  • DC Motors: For applications demanding precise control, our DC motors deliver consistent performance and responsiveness.
  • Slip Ring and Vibrator Motors: We offer specialized motors designed for applications requiring rotational versatility and vibrational functionality.
  • Pulse Encoder and Frequency Inverter Motors: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our pulse encoder and frequency inverter motors provide advanced control and efficiency.

Reliable Solutions for Industrial Pumps

Our extensive array of industrial pumps covers a wide spectrum of brands and applications. CMS is your partner for troubleshooting, sourcing replacements, and exploring alternative solutions. Our expertise extends to:

  • Chemical Dousing Pumps: With a focus on safety and precision, our chemical dousing pumps are engineered for accurate dispensing and handling of chemicals.
  • Centrifugal Pumps: Versatile and efficient, our centrifugal pumps are ideal for various fluid handling applications, providing robust performance and consistent flow rates.
  • Submersible Pumps: Designed for submerged operation, our submersible pumps are suitable for dewatering, drainage, and other challenging environments.
  • Stainless Steel and Food-Grade Pumps: Ensuring hygiene and durability, our stainless steel and food-grade pumps cater to industries with stringent cleanliness requirements.

Additionally, we offer pump servicing kits, replacement pump housings, hoses, and fittings, enabling you to maintain and optimize your pumping systems.

Versatile Gearbox Solutions

Gearboxes play a pivotal role across industries, and CMS offers versatile solutions tailored to your needs. Explore our diverse gearbox offerings:

  • In-Line Helical Gearboxes: Our in-line helical gearboxes offer reliable power transmission for a variety of applications, ensuring smooth and efficient mechanical operations.
  • Worm Gearboxes: Ideal for applications requiring high reduction ratios and compact design, our worm gearboxes deliver consistent torque and dependable performance.
  • Stainless Steel Gearboxes: Built to withstand harsh environments, our stainless steel gearboxes offer corrosion resistance and durability for demanding applications.
  • Helical Bevel Gearboxes: With a combination of helical and bevel gears, these gearboxes provide efficiency and precision in transmitting power across different angles.
  • Torque Gearboxes: Designed to handle high torque loads, our torque gearboxes deliver robust performance in applications requiring heavy-duty power transmission.

Whether you’re seeking motors, pumps, or gearboxes, Corby Mechanical Services is your ultimate partner for comprehensive solutions.