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Corby Mechanical Services was formed in April 1999 by four engineers on a mission to provide industrial engineering services Northants and her businesses could count on. Our team had previously worked together in and around various industrial engineering services – including in the conveyor belting industry, fabrication, precision engineering, and more. The goal has always been to provide the best possible industrial engineering services that we can – industrial engineering services Northants can trust, and which meets the needs of our customers in the area.

That mission to provide industrial engineering services Northants and her businesses can rely on began with a precision engineering workshop, but we soon expanded to add conveyor belting supply and installation to the list of industrial engineering services Northants can call on us to provide. In those early days our team worked long hours to solve our customers’ industrial engineering problems and meet their tight turnaround times – and they have rewarded us with their trust and loyalty in the years since then.

As time went on the business grew even further, and began to carve out a name for itself as a provider of industrial engineering services Northants and the surrounding counties could rely on. Around this time we also started to expand our products and parts offering – adding items like bearings, motors, chains and seals to our stock. This decision really complimented the machining business, and allowed us to supply motor gearboxes and bearings for the shafts and rollers we were making in house. That’s something that we still do today, and it means that when they call on us for industrial engineering services Northants businesses get a complete industrial engineering solution.

We moved to our current premises in 2008 to consolidate the various industrial engineering services the business was providing at that time under one roof, and this move meant that we were also able to expand the machine shop to provide an even broader range of services. We are also very proud to say that our company has continued to grow steadily throughout its existence, and that three of the original directors from 1999 still run the business today. Under their guidance Corby Mechanical Services has doubled in size, and continues to go from strength to strength today.

As a company we have always been committed to providing a friendly, reliable service that meets your business’ needs. The team at Corby Mechanical Services pride ourselves on our skills, and our ability to solve your industrial engineering problems with a high level of technical proficiency, and a smile too.

…And all of that means when they have a need for industrial engineering services Northants and her businesses should call Corby Mechanical Services – Click here to get in touch today!

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